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The Ravatherm Stonewool brand is part of Ravago Building Solutions, a leader in the insulation sector meeting the mineral Stonewool needs of 20,000,000m² annually. Providing solutions for not only thermal and acoustic insulation but also fire safety across a wide range of products and applications. Belgium based Ravago Group operates from over 300 locations across 40 different countries working in the insulation and construction sectors.

Ravatherm is not only the biggest single Stonewool producer in its homeland of Turkey but also the largest producer in the region with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tonnes operating from an 80,000m² site with 50,000m² of production and storage facilities and investing in the most advanced technology and equipment.

DIL Stonewool Brochure
Ravatherm Fire Classification Report PDF
Ravatherm MSDS PDF
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